Keeping your garments neat, organized, crisp, and ready is so much easier with the right industrial hangers. For your industrial facility’s needs, only one brand of painted or galvanized hangers will do: M&B Hangers!

Industrial Hangers We Offer: 

#12.5 x 16” Latex

#13 x 16” Long Neck Latex

#13 x 14.5” Industrial Hanger

Drop Bar Industrial Hanger

#13 x 18” Long Neck

#13 x 16” Industrial Hanger

Single Hook Strut Hanger

*Most offered in SN or LN neck lengths

Industrial Hangers for Your Business Needs

From high-quality materials to dependable supply service, M&B Hangers has it all. You can expect:

  • Expertly Crafted for Optimum Durability. Our hangers are made with high-quality materials that are durable and resilient thanks to an Electro-Deposition painting and galvanizing process which supports resistance against rust and corrosion. 
  • Zero Downtime, Zero Interruptions to Your Processes. Our high-quality manufacturing facilities work round-the-clock, so we can meet your volume needs no matter how large or fast-paced they may be.

Consistent Quality and Reliability 

M&B Hangers is a trusted homegrown brand that operates two manufacturing facilities in North America. We work round-the-clock and maintain the highest standards to ensure that we meet your expectations on quality and quantity.

Our North American products will meet your needs and exceed your expectations with long-lasting, reliable functioning.

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