#13 x 16″ Long Neck Latex

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#13 x 16″

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Is our 13”x16” long neck latex hanger right for your business? When your business’s reputation rests on the condition and presentability of your garment supply, you need the right hangers to hang on to. And there’s only one name that has gotten everything about industrial hangers right: M&B Hangers!

What Our 13”x16” Long Neck Latex Hangers Provide

Our line of 13”x16” long neck latex hangers offer the best function for your clothing hanging needs:


Longer necks to suit your high-speed systems.

Our highly durable 13”x16” hangers feature a long neck. This makes them the easiest and most efficient type of hanger for high-speed garment handling systems.


Made with high-quality latex and electro-deposition paint.

These long neck hangers are made with high-quality latex that makes them some of the most durable hangers on the market. The electro-deposition paint further reinforces the hangers, holding the shape of them.


Galvanization for increased lifespan.

Our hangers come with optional galvanization, which protects the metal from premature corrosion. Galvanization leads to longer usability and prevents rusting from contaminating garments. 


Designed for durability and heavy-duty use.

It’s hard to find an industrial hanger more durable and reliable than the long neck latex hangers from M&B. Each component of the hanger is made in-house, under the strict standards of our experienced experts and proven manufacturing excellence. You can trust in their durability and capacity to withstand heavy-duty and repeated usage. 

M&B: The Hanger Experts

M&B has been in the business of high-quality hanger manufacturing since 1943. Every single year of the last eight decades has contributed to the kind of company we are today. We’re a company that values integrity over profit, excellence in everything that we do, and relationships – with our customers, our employees, and our community – that enrich our operations.  


Our manufacturing process and operations are guided by these principles – that the smallest things we do in our operations can have big, lasting impacts on our customers. That’s why we commit to doing everything right and excellently – from picking the right raw materials to using the best equipment to creating a customer service that truly serves your needs.

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