When your business depends on the appearance and care of your shirts and garments, you need the right industrial hangers for the job. The best ones in the market are from M&B Hangers! Our specialized hangers are designed with garment care, appearance, and full protection in mind for your most important shirts.

The Perfect Hangers for Every Kind of Shirt

From your casual shirts to your most delicate formals to your hardy industrial ones, no matter what industry you’re in, you’ll find the perfect M&B Hanger for you. 

Different Shirt Designs and Sizes. M&B shirt hangers are designed to suit every kind of shirt around. They are available in different sizes to give you the best and most presentable appearance for your shirts.

We offer the:

Extreme Ultimate Shirt Hanger

Ultimate King Shirt Hanger

Ultimate Knit Shirt Hanger

18” Ultimate Shirt Hanger

Standard Knit Shirt Hanger

18” Standard Shirt Hanger

18” Standard White Shirt Hanger

Hangers Built to Last. M&B Hangers uses time-tested expertise and brand-new technology to create our heavy-duty shirt hangers. You can trust your hanger supply to withstand the test of daily operations.

Ultimate Protection for Your Garments

M&B Hangers puts a premium on your garment care and protection. That is why our hangers are designed to give the best care for your most delicate garments. With high-quality material and innovative electro-deposition-painted hangers, you get snag- and wrinkle-free garments every single time.

Whether it’s for storage or for display, our hangers give you the best results for your business’s needs.

Get Your M&B Shirt Hangers Today!

What are you waiting for? Stock up on your M&B shirt hangers today! Get in touch with us at 1(800) 227-0436 for more information about our products or to find a distributor near you. 

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