Our caped hanger selection is the beautiful and functional upgrade you’re looking for. High-quality graphics and excellent printing make sure your hangers are always at their best.

The Best Caped Hangers for Your Business

Our caped hangers are designed for businesses that are looking to add more flair to their clothing displays. Whether you are running a special garments business or a dry-cleaning operation, these are the perfect hangers for you.

We have:

Regular Caped Hangers

Ultimate Caped Hangers


When you source your business’s hangers from us, you’re ensuring:


Top-Notch Hangers for Different Needs

Our caped hangers come in standard, ultimate, and custom artwork selections. Suitable for all types of garments, the ultimate caped hanger preserves the shape of garments they support. Improve visual appeal with customized artwork on one or both sides of the capes.

Our caped hangers come in size selections of 12 ½, 13, and 14 ½.   

Durability Ensured

Our custom-built machines ensure our hangers are made the way we intend on making them: high-quality, long-lasting, and visually appealing. . We only use high-quality materials, so  you get the most durable marketing hangers that are built for the long haul.

Masterfully Designed for Your Marketing Needs

M&B’s caped hangers come with top-notch graphic design and quality. Whether it is your company logo or a special message, our caped hangers will meet your aesthetic standards.

M&B Hangers: The Ultimate Source for Your Commercial and Industrial Hangers

Beyond our experience and expertise, the secret to our top-notch hangers has always been the integrity of our manufacturing process. We use quality materials to ensure the durability of each hanger. Each hanger is also designed to bring out the best appearance for different garments. Our electro-deposited painting technology ensures a smooth, snag-free, and rust-free finish that preserves the quality of your garments.

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