About M&B Hangers

  1. Integrity to Hang Onto


    Since 1943, M&B Hangers has been producing hangers here in the United States. We’re family-owned, which means we are not driven to meet the quarterly expectations of Wall Street and can focus single-mindedly on exceeding the expectations of our customers. We base our business on one simple concept: Integrity To Hang Onto.

    At M&B, we supply top-quality wire garment hangers and paper products to the drycleaning and textile rental industries. We’re creating new products to meet our customers’ changing needs. Check our Featured Item page to see the latest about our Pink Caped Hanger program. With the purchase of these special Pink Hangers, M&B will make a donation to the American Cancer Society. To learn about our Pink Caped Hanger program, and to join us in giving hope to women and men fighting cancer, visit pinkhangers.com.

    Product Strengths

    Since 1943, M&B Hangers has had an unbending commitment to doing things the right way. It can be summed up in one word. Integrity. It’s integrity in the products we make and integrity in the ways we make those products.

    Electro Deposition Painted Hangers


    All of the machines used in the manufacturing of M&B Hangers have been designed or redesigned by our staff to better meet the needs of you our customer. We realize that at the end of the day you need a hanger that works in your business, and you need it to be reliable. After years of listening to our customers, we have developed the machines in-house to custom design hangers for your business that we wouldn’t be able to deliver if we couldn’t customize our machines.

    North American Production and Fulfillment

    The real strength of M&B Hangers has and always will be our people. They are the backbone to this company. Having multiple locations around the country allows us to quickly produce the product you need and get it to you in 2-3 days from your order. We also have a helpful customer service team that knows your industry and knows how to help.

    At the end of the day, we would be nothing but machines and some steel without the quality and passion of our people. We value our people and their dedication to produce a great product. It is the real reason for M&B’s success. No machine in the world will ever be as good at ensuring quality like the experience of our team. It is what has built this company and what will sustain this company.