Say goodbye to snags and wrinkles on your clothes with the ultimate line hangers from M&B Hangers! At M&B, there’s a perfect hanger for every piece of clothing. Explore our top dry-cleaning hangers today.

The Premier Choice for Ultimate Line Hangers

Our ultimate hanger selection is designed for the picture-perfect finish of every dry-cleaning job. With different sizes and configurations, you can trust that there is a perfect hanger for every type of garment sent your way. No matter how big, small, or delicate your clothing may be, there is an M&B ultimate hanger for you.

Dry-cleaning hangers for every garment. The most basic and most delicate of garments will find the best hangers in the M&B ultimate hanger line. We offer:

Extreme Ultimate Shirt Hangers

Ultimate King Shirt Hangers

Ultimate Knit Shirt Hangers

18” Ultimate Shirt Hangers

18” Ultimate Strut Hangers

Ultimate Caped Hangers

Durable, long-wearing hangers for daily use. Everyday operations are a breeze when you have the right hangers for the job. M&B’s ultimate hanger line gives you that and more. With top-notch material and our all-American quality manufacturing, you can trust that your M&B hangers will rise up to the job no matter how hectic your days get.

The Best Dryers Have the Best Hangers

M&B’s expert hanger manufacturing brings you the ultimate solutions for your dry-cleaning hanging needs. Every aspect of the ultimate hanger design has been carefully thought out. It considers every little part of the standard garment, making sure to eliminate any risk of wrinkling, fabric snagging, or slumping. Your garments remain flawless until they are ready to wear.

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Take your dry-cleaning service up several impressive notches higher with the right hangers only from M&B Hangers. For information on our hangers, or help with finding the distributor nearest you, contact us at 1(800) 227-0436. 

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