Strut Hangers

  1. From the coats to coveralls, M&B has the perfect hangers just for your business: strut hangers!

    All of our hangers are made of the best materials and are manufactured in one place, so you are assured of consistent quality for all parts. Our strut hangers come fully assembled, so all that’s left for you to do is hang and strut your garments.

    We have a wide range of high-quality strut hangers for all your different hanging needs. We offer:


    Ultimate Strut Hangers

    Contour Strut Hangers

    Juvenile Strut Hangers

    Drapery Strut Hangers

    Single-Hook Strut Hangers

    Standard Strut Hangers


    Ultimate Strut 

    Our ultimate strut hanger comes with a sturdy 18” frame with large struts. The large size makes it the ideal hanger to hold up larger and heavier trousers. With larger, firmer struts than the industry standard, the ultimate strut hanger is sure to keep the shape of shirts and pants better.

    Contour Strut 

    Designed for optimum shape preservation, the 16” contour strut hanger features a special contour to hold up collars. They are your most suitable hangers for sport coats, tuxedoes, and other heavy-collared upper garments. This type of hanger comes in white or brown color options.

    Juvenile Strut

    This special 13” strut hanger has all the great qualities of our hangers, but in a size perfectly suited for children’s clothing.  

    Draper Strut 

    The draper strut hanger line is everything a draper hanger should be, only better. Made with a strong 10.5-gauge wire, contoured to perfection, and complete with a high-quality, non-crushing tube, the 18” M&B draper strut hanger holds up your large garments with ease. 

    Single-Hook Strut

    The M&B single-hook strut hanger is designed for maximum efficiency. The long necks and single wire design make sure that they move smoothly through your automated feeders without clogging or snagging on anything. Because we produce the strut tubes ourselves, they come in the same high quality we’re known for.

    Standard Strut 

    With the perfect shape of our contour hanger and the lightweight, high-quality gauge wire material, these hangers present your garments up to the highest standard. They can hold up high-end suits just as easily and excellently as any basic tops.

    The Proven Dependability of M&B Hangers

    M&B is the proven champion in hanger manufacturing technology. We use the finest materials and state-of-the-art technology to guard against corrosion, rusting, and snagging. Built to last and made with the highest of American standards, M&B Hangers will stand up to your most important garment presentation needs.

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