Standard Strut Hangers

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M&B Hangers sports a vast catalog of hangers that never waver in quality. M&B hangers accommodate any style and shape of uniform, and our standard strut hangers are fan favorites. They support the collar of a suit jacket or sports coat, keep them in pristine shape, and prevent the creases and wrinkles that detract from their positive image

Built to Last

Strut hangers sport durable materials and feature a wide-shoulder design that provides ample support for the jacket or coat collar. They are an essential accessory for businesses that value upholding an elegant image by ensuring their suits, coats, and bulky shirts look sharp.


M&B standard strut hangers preserve the structural integrity of your clothing, relieving the headache of constant repairs and replacements. This translates into substantial cost savings that maximize profits. 


M&B Hangers standard strut hangers adapt and provide ample support for the collar, which serves as the base for your garments. The standard strut hanger features a lighter gauge, ideal for supporting the collar of a suit jacket or sports coat. The strut tube is an added layer of support. These durable, world-class hangers ensure that fabric slippage, damage, and rips aren’t part of your equation. They are available in white or brown.

Home Grown

The standard strut hanger is produced in-house, from the wire to the strut itself. Because of our intimate involvement in the development process, rest assured that our industry-leading quality is consistent and routinely exceptional. We produce the strongest hangers in the industry, backed by a dedicated quality control team that ensures they meet the strict standard of quality your business deserves.

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