Juvenile Strut Hangers

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Size: 13″

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Juvenile strut hangers are essential for displaying and organizing children’s clothing in a presentable, safe, and effective way for your business. These hangers support and showcase kids’ clothing and offer a number of unique benefits compared to traditional adult hangers.

Finding the Right Fit

An advantage of the juvenile strut hanger is the size, allowing it to fit into confined spaces that promote portability and ease of use. Children’s clothing is smaller and lighter than adult clothing. They require a perfect fit that supports them without sagging or falling off.

Ease of Use

Juvenile strut hangers conform perfectly to children’s clothing. They are made with lightweight materials. However, their lightweight, advanced construction doesn’t come at the expense of the world-class durability M&B Hangers has earned a reputation for. Our juvenile strut hanger removes the inconvenience that lesser quality products bring with unnecessary weight. 


Unmatched durability is consistent throughout our entire catalog. Children are curious explorers, which means their garments inevitably sustain lots of wear and tear during a busy day. Extend the life of your clothing and spare the headaches associated with repairs and replacements, and use every tool at your disposal to uphold their integrity. Industry-grade materials support our M&B juvenile strut hangers and ensure they hold up to the rigors of daily use. This makes us the #1 choice for your business.

More than Meets the Eye

Juvenile strut hangers incorporate subtle features that make them especially useful for children’s clothing. M&B hangers sport a non-slip, textured surface that prevents clothes from slipping off. This is especially useful for smaller items like babies’ onesies or t-shirts, which are prone to falling off traditional hangers.

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