16″ Contour Strut Hangers

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Size: 16″

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M&B Hangers 16” contour strut hangers are a must-have to elevate your establishment’s aesthetic while optimizing your space as efficiently and effectively as possible. These hangers support the collar of suit jackets and sports coats, making them perfect for keeping your garments in top condition.

Beauty in Simplicity

The M&B 16” contour strut hangers feature an elegant design complemented by a seamlessly integrated contoured shape. They’re an effective way to support the collar of your suit jackets and sports coats, preventing them from becoming stretched or creased. Ensure your garments look crisp and clean, no matter the ebbs and flows of a grueling year. 

Built for the Long Haul

M&B 16” contour strut hangers are crafted with high-quality materials that endure the test of time with unwavering quality. They withstand the weight of suit jackets and sports coats with a reinforced metal strut that keeps their form through thick and thin. With M&B Hangers in your corner, you ensure your garments stay put.


M&B 16” contour strut hangers come in four classic colors and are as versatile as they are durable. They store a wide range of garments, including but not limited to suit jackets, sports coats, and blazers. Because of their premier design, they adapt, perform, and elevate the professional aesthetic of your business. 

Optimized Space

Utilizing every square inch of real estate to streamline your operations and present an ideal image is what separates you from your competitors. We leave no stone unturned as we continuously innovate and adapt to the latest in best practices. We bring a comprehensive service that communicates our commitment to going the extra mile.

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