18″ Ultimate Strut Hanger

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Size: 18″

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18” ultimate strut hangers made by professionals for professionals is what your business needs. When making a sale is a matter of making your garments look extra-attractive on display, there’s only one hanger that can meet your standards: 18” ultimate strut hangers from M&B Hangers!

Your Clothing Deserves the Best Support: Our 18′ Ultimate Strut Hanger Provides It

Our 18” ultimate strut hangers improve clothing displays and shape clothing better. Their improved design helps boost the appearance of shirts, blouses, and, especially, trousers. Whether you’re running a clothing store or a fashion design studio, putting your best displays forward is made easier with our strut hangers. You can expect:  

  • Top-notch Make and Material for Top-notch Durability. Our ultimate strut hangers are made of high-quality, durable metal to ensure durability. Additionally, with the use of eco-friendly electrodeposition paint, you can trust that your hangers have high resistance to corrosion and rusting that can ruin your clothes and throw off your budget.
  • Larger Strut for Better Shape Keeping and Presentation. M&B strut hangers are made with larger struts. This little addition allows for your garments to keep their shape, prevent creases, and look even better for presentation.
  • Quality in Every Part. Every part of the M&B strut hanger is made in-house, including the cardboard struts. This means that each piece of the hanger, and its every part, has been made under consistent, high standards of quality and durability.

Whether you prefer galvanized or painted hangers, we’ve got the inventory you’re looking for. 

Small Company, Tremendous Quality

M&B Hangers is an all-American family business. Everything that we do as an organization finds guidance in our family values. We deliver our products with integrity in mind. 

From picking out the right materials for your hangers and making sure each one meets consistent quality standards to ensuring accurate delivery, you can always trust in our commitment to excellence and integrity.  

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