18″ Ultimate Shirt Hanger

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#13 x 18″

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The 18″ Ultimate Shirt Hanger is a staple in the dry cleaning industry. Its universal fit and classic look ensure a seamless use in your operations. Get that hanger that professionally presents crisp, clean shirts.  

M&B Hangers Will Fulfill Your Needs with the 18” Ultimate Shirt Hanger

M&B Hangers’ 18” ultimate shirt hanger gives your shirts superior presentability. Every aspect of our hanger design provides professional results:

Shaped to Ensure the Perfect Presentability

We have designed the 18” ultimate shirt hanger to hold your garments up to their perfect shape. Every design aspect is considered in our hangers, with the goal of retaining the cleaning and pressing that went into them. 

Designed for Ultimate Garment Protection

We offer 18” ultimate shirt hanger is finished with our innovative electrodeposition painting technology. This galvanization prevents unsightly wrinkling and snags that can ruin your garments.

Engineered for Optimum Durability

We make all our hangers with high-quality materials and build them to withstand the demands of your business. No matter how busy it gets, these hangers will hold up their end of the bargain – and excellently at that.  

The Best Shirt Hangers on the Market

Few other hangers on the market can come remotely close to the quality and dependability of our ultimate hanger line. They are built with the busy industrial workplace in mind. With our top-notch manufacturing technology, and our expertise honed by decades of manufacturing experience, you can trust that every M&B hanger meets all your needs in full form and functionality.

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