Extreme Ultimate Shirt Hanger

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Size: 20″

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Level up your shirt display with extreme ultimate shirt hangers from M&B Hangers! Part of the premier hanger selection, our extreme ultimate shirt hangers are made specifically for the more delicate and elegant items in your inventory.

Our extreme ultimate shirt hangers:


  • Keep your shirts in their best shape.

From high-end dress shirts to business casual essentials, the M&B extreme ultimate shirt hanger is made for appearances. The specially-designed curves and perfect dimensions of our extreme ultimate shirt hangers help hold the shirt shoulders securely in place. This ensures that your shirts look good and presentable from every angle, making these your most ideal hangers for store displays and presentations.


  • Offer top-notch crease prevention.

These hangers are designed to prevent any creasing down the front of shirts, leaving your display products flawless and sale-ready.


  • Provide optimum durability for heavy-duty use.

Our extreme ultimate shirt hangers are built to last! With electro-deposition paint that protects against corrosion and rusting, top-notch wire materials, and renowned excellence in hanger making, you can trust your M&B hanger to withstand heavy use.


  • Will fit your preferences.

The extreme ultimate shirt hanger comes in a 20” size, painted, or galvanized. Call us today to inquire about availability!

M&B Hangers: All-American Quality

M&B Hangers is proud to be an all-American company. All of our top-notch hangers are manufactured within the M&B manufacturing plants. Our products are manufactured under high standards and stringent protocols – from materials to production to packaging. The results speak for themselves: hangers that are durable, reliable, and professional-grade. 

That’s M&B. That’s all-American. Most of all, that’s what your business deserves.


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