Ultimate Caped Hanger

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#13 or #14.5
Size: 18″

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The ultimate caped hangers from M&B Hangers are the perfect solution for anyone looking to maximize space in their closet and keep their clothes organized and wrinkle-free. These hangers feature high-quality materials and a unique design that allows you to hang multiple items on one hanger.


The ultimate caped hangers are constructed with durable plastic and are strong enough to hold heavy coats and jackets without breaking or sagging. The hangers have a wide shoulder design that evenly distributes the weight and prevents them from becoming misshapen or creased. The shoulders contour and conform to the natural curves of your clothes.

Tailored To You

M&B understands a one-size-fits-all approach no longer cuts it in increasingly competitive industries. Unique businesses demand custom solutions that elevate your service. With the influx of new establishments looking to separate themselves from the herd, success becomes a game of inches. We use every tool at our disposal to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward. Our ultimate caped hangers give your garments a crisp and professional look. It doesn’t stop there, however. We provide custom artwork that can be printed on the cape in up to a three-color design, allowing you to extend your ideal business image in a fresh and creative way!

An Eye For Design   

The hangers have a built-in bar that extends out from the shoulder, providing additional space for hanging items such as scarves, belts, and other accessories. This feature is perfect for those with smaller items they want to keep organized and within easy reach. In addition to their caped design, the ultimate caped hangers also have a non-slip coating that keeps your clothes in place and prevents them from falling off the hanger. This is especially useful for lightweight items like shirts and blouses prone to slipping off traditional hangers.

More Room, More Freedom

The ultimate caped hangers are great for conserving closet space. Because they can hold multiple items, you can use fewer hangers and free up room for other items. This is especially useful for both smaller and large closets needing to maximize storage space.

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The ultimate caped hangers from M&B are a great investment for those needing to organize and optimize their closet while preserving their garments’ pristine condition. Contact us at 1-800-227-0436, or email us to learn more about our products and services.

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