18″ Standard White Shirt Hangers

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#13 or #14.5
Size: 18″


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18” standard white shirt hangers from M&B Hangers are a classic and practical choice for organizing and displaying your wardrobe. Their high-quality, durable materials hold up to the weight of your shirts. This maintains their form and professional aesthetic through repeated use.


Our hangers cater to traditional white shirts but utilize an all-purpose construction that’s versatile in its uses beyond a standard shirt. Its contoured shape follows the natural curves of the garment to prevent creases and wrinkles, keeping your shirts looking crisp and fresh consistently. The hangers feature a wide-shoulder design. This evenly distributes the weight of your shirt to prevent sagging or stretching.

Appearance Matters

M&B 18” standard white shirt hangers have a sleek and stylish appearance with a smooth finish that is easy to clean and maintain. They are a perfect choice for anyone who wants to keep their closet organized without distracting from the simplistic yet elegant look of the traditional white shirt


Our 18” standard white shirt hanger showcases world-class, durable construction. They’re comprised of industry-standard metal that stands toe-to-toe with your heaviest garments while maintaining structural integrity. This ensures that they can hold up to the weight of your shirts without bending.

Green Initiative

They are made from recycled materials, making them a more sustainable option for building an environmentally-conscious lifestyle. This reduces the environmental impact of your clothing storage. Our 18” standard white shirt hangers from M&B are the most reliable choice to upgrade your storage space.

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