18″ Standard Shirt Hanger

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#13 or #14.5
Size: 18″


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For a classic look and superior presentation of laundered and pressed shirts, consider M&B Hanger’s 18” standard shirt hanger! It provides everything dry cleaning operations are looking for in their garment support. 

Why the 18” Standard Shirt Hanger Stands Out

Our hangers are:

The Perfect Size for Most Shirts

Our custom-engineered 18” standard shirt hanger is the perfect size for almost every type of shirt. It can excellently hold up everything from basic tees to business button-ups.

Superior Shirt Shape-Holding

We make our standard shirt hangers of superior galvanized material that can hold up your garments with ease. It does not bend or sag, so you don’t have to worry about the condition of your hung garments. We have carefully measured and formed every contour of the standard shirt hanger to also make sure it keeps the shape of your shirts, even when you have to move them throughout your facility.

Durability Inside-Out

M&B Hangers prepares our stock for the rigors of day-to-day dry cleaning operations. They are made of strong galvanized iron material and reinforced by our innovative electrodeposition painting finishes. This protects them from bending, breaking, or corroding. They can last longer and function better than lower-quality hangers.

The Only Hanger Supplier You’ll Ever Need

M&B Hangers is your number one choice for all your clothes hanging needs. We have designed and produced all of our items in-house at our advanced manufacturing facility. This means that the quality of our items, from material to finish, consistently meets the highest standards of quality.

Our commitment to quality and proven expertise and experience is unmatched anywhere. All our products can offer the results that best suit your business’ biggest needs.

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