Drop Bar Industrial Hanger

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#13 x 17″

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Struggling with hangers that just aren’t right for your pants? The right hanger can be hard to find but that’s no reason to stick with what you already have! M&B Hangers has a product that will help!

Get the Drop Bar Industrial Hanger!

M&B Hanger has specifically designed the drop bar industrial hanger to combat several key issues that arise when pants aren’t properly hung up. 

Keep Pants from Creasing

The drop bar industrial hanger is uniform in size so that it is easy to hang up several in bulk. Their design prevents pants from shifting while on the hanger. Even the slightest movement can often lead to pants bunching up and creasing. Ironing pants every time they come off the hanger is not a hassle anyone needs to deal with. 

Prevent Discoloration

M&B Hangers utilizes only the highest quality latex and most consistent electro-deposition paint with this product. This prevents pants from discoloring as a result of aging or deformed hangers. We also provide this product with galvanized steel to more readily combat rust, another source of discoloration. 

Save Money

With the drop bar industrial hanger, there’s no need to worry about discoloration, creases, or even rips forming in pants. That means there’s also no need to spend money on replacement pants or waste time on ironing creases. M&B Hangers also offers them at affordable prices which, when combined, saves our clients a good amount of money. 

Contact M&B Hangers for More Information

M&B Hangers provides the tool your business needs to keep pants clean: the drop bar industrial hanger! Avoid, creasing, discoloration, and money loss with these exceptional hangers! For more information, call us at (800) 227-0436 or contact us here and the drop bar industrial hangers for your business.

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