#13 x 14.5″ Industrial Hanger

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#13 x 14.5″

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Provide your textiles and garments the best hanging treatment with the most reliable 13 x 14.5” industrial hangers on the market.

Our 13 x 14.5” Industrial Hangers Stand Out

M&B Hangers is your number one source of the best industrial hangers in the country. With our topnotch manufacturing and excellent, all-American quality, we have got all your hanging needs completely covered:

Durability Guaranteed

Our 13 x 14.5” industrial hangers are an exemplar of hanger durability. Made with some of the finest materials and engineered in our all-American facility, these hangers are sure to last and outlast even the most demanding days in your business.

Consistent Design for Consistent Results

Our hangers boast some of the finest hanger engineering in the market today. They can capably hold up heavy and light textiles with no effort. Each hanger meets consistency and uniformity criteria, so you can rest assured that all your items get the same results.

Available in Several Forms

Our hangers come in electrodeposition-painted latex and galvanized-steel versions to suit your business’ specific needs.

Quality from Design to Finish

M&B Hangers is one of the most trusted names in hanger manufacturing in the market today and for a good reason. Our plant manufactures all our hangers, from design to finish. With the skill of our people and the integrity of our production, we can guarantee you only the best results for all your business’ needs.

And because we have multiple production plants across the country, your hanger orders arrive within 2 to 3 days. No waiting, no shortage, no issues. With M&B Hangers, it’s all results and reliability from start to finish.

Order Your M&B 13 x 14.5” Industrial Hangers Today!

Get better, more consistent results for your textile and garment hanging needs with M&B’s 13 x 14.5” industrial hangers. Call us today at 1-800-227-0436 or fill out this form to let us know about your hanger supply needs, or to get help connecting with a certified distributor nearest you.

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