#12.5 x 16″ Latex

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#12.5 x 16″

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Every business that uses uniforms also needs top-notch hangers. Our specialized 12.5 x 16” latex hangers are designed for uniforms and garments of all kinds. 

M&B Hangers is the #1 Supplier of 12.5 x 16” Latex Hangers

M&B Hangers is the Yellowhammer State’s leading supplier of 12.5 x 16” latex hangers. We’ve been in business since 1943, providing hangers that are:


Static discharges can damage electronics which can disrupt operations. M&B provides hangers with electrodeposition paint that prevents static from building up and causing damage to garments or nearby electronics. 


The right hangers have very long useful lifespans. After all, they’re often the last thing on anyone’s mind when they go about their day. None of our clients ever have to worry about the health and durability of our hangers because they are made to last longer than the average hanger. We galvanize our steel so that it prevents rust and other degradation from occurring. This way, our clients don’t have to keep constantly checking on their hangers to see which ones need replacing.


Quality materials and construction mean our customers can expect our hangers to be usable for a long time. With corrosion resistance and considerable structural strength under a  reasonable load, hanger supply will be the last thing from their minds!

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M&B Hangers has the best 12.5 x 16” latex hangers in Alabama! Call us today at 1-800-227-0436 or reach out to us here for more information on our products and services.

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