#13 x 18″ Long Neck

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#13 x 18″ Long Neck

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Bad hangers can ruin your garments or interrupt your facility’s operations! Replace your low-quality ones with better, more efficient 13” x 18” long neck hangers from M&B Hangers today!

13” x 18” Long Neck Hangers for Your Business’ Needs

M&B Hangers has 8 decades of history providing industry-leading 13” x 18” long neck hangers to our clients. Our hangers are:

Designed for Your High-Speed Systems

The carefully designed long necks of these hangers are made to suit high-speed systems. Even at full capacity, your high-speed systems can work at maximum efficiency without your hangers getting in the way and slowing things down.

Built to Keep Your Most Important Garments in Shape

Every angle and every curve of our long-neck hangers are carefully crafted to not only maximize speed and efficiency in your machines. We have also designed them to retain your garments’ best shape, whether they are tops, pants, or outerwear.

Reliable for the Long-Haul

Our proven expertise in hanger engineering, combined with our state-of-the-art manufacturing capacities, guarantee optimum hanger durability. The 13” x 18” long neck hangers come with electrodeposition-painted finishes that make them smooth and resistant to snagging and corrosion. This makes them longer-lasting than the average hangers on the market, and your best choice for your heavy-duty and high-speed hanging needs.

M&B Hangers: Better Products That Bring Better Results

M&B Hangers is the leading manufacturer of industrial hangers on the market. Every aspect of our hanger production is born out of expertise, experience, and superior manufacturing facilities. M&B Hangers designs our hangers to give you the best results for your industrial hanging needs. No matter how big or small your facility may be, the best hangers are always from M&B.

Stock Up on Your M&B Hangers Today

You’re one step closer to getting the best hangers for your business. Call us at 1-800-227-0436 to find an M&B distributor nearest you or to know more about our hanger selections. Have more questions? Drop us a line here!

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