#13 x 16″ Industrial Hanger

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#13 x 13″

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The right industrial hanger for your business isn’t just any shape and size; it’s probably 13×16. As one of the most utilized hangers sizes out there, our 13×16 will supply the all support and versatility you want from the hangers in your business.

Top-Notch 13×16 Industrial Hangers

Every inch of the 13×16 industrial hangers from M&B is designed for sleek and complete functionality.

  • Optimum Durability. M&B ensures the most durable hangers for your business. We use only the best materials and the most modern processes in our in-house hanger manufacturing plants to deliver strong and reliable hangers. Our electrodeposition painting solution is key to reinforcing the durability of our hangers, protecting them from rusting and corroding.
  • Made for High-Speed Systems. These are not your usual industrial hangers! Our altered design on the 13×16 industrial hangers, with their extended necks and sleeker overall look, makes them the most ideal hangers for high-speed garment systems.  
  • Better Shape-Hold for Clothing. M&B Hangers understands clothing. We’ve designed these hangers to help your clothes keep their shape in storage and transit. With our help, they will look their best on display.  
  • Professional Color Options. Our industrial hangers come galvanized or with a gold finish to best suit your purposes. Contact us today for inquiries!

M&B: Quality Assurance

M&B Hangers has been in the business of hanger manufacturing since 1943. Throughout the last 80 years, our business has remained in the family. We still operate with the same family values that have always guided us.

Our business stands for integrity and this is evident in everything that we do. From making sure that the materials are of the highest quality to ensuring the accuracy and promptness of delivering your orders, you can always trust M&B Hangers to do everything  honesty, excellently, and always to your best advantage.

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These are the hangers that will hold your business up! Get started today. Call us at 1(800) 227-0436 or email us at staff@mbhangers.com to learn more.

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