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#13 or #14.5
Size: 16″ or 18″

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Each side of each Pink Caped Hanger displays words to inspire. They communicate messages of Courage, Hope, Persevere and Triumph. With the purchase of these special Pink Caped Hangers, M&B Hangers will be making a donation to the American Cancer Society. Like all of our caped hangers, these hangers are made with all the strength and quality you expect from M&B.

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  1. Hope

    Rachel Ragland was diagnosed with breast cancer 17 years ago. It was a tough fight, but Rachel had a lot of encouragement from her friends and family. Today, she talks to young ladies about staying healthy and being in sync with their bodies. It’s important to help others be aware of the signs. “I’m not here on this earth for just me,” says Rachel. Recently, an old diary she kept during her treatment was found. “When I read it, it made me realize how blessed I truly am,” Rachel states.

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  2. Perservere

    Cindy Gore has been a breast cancer survivor for six years. Her seven grandchildren keep Cindy young at heart. She learned that when faced with cancer, the secret is to remain positive. “You can do it. You can get through it. They have come so far in understanding and treating cancer,” says Cindy. Reflecting back on the treatments, a strong faith was crucial. “I realized that in going through cancer, there was only one set of footprints in the sand. I was not alone. I was carried the whole time,” says Cindy.

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