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#13 or #14.5
Size: 16″ or 18″

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Each side of each Pink Caped Hanger displays words to inspire. They communicate messages of Courage, Hope, Persevere and Triumph. With the purchase of these special Pink Caped Hangers, M&B Hangers will be making a donation to the American Cancer Society. Like all of our caped hangers, these hangers are made with all the strength and quality you expect from M&B.

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  1. Courage

    Pat Washington was diagnosed with cancer three years ago, and the fight continues. Pat realized that she was stronger than she thought she was. Cancer can be frightening, but Pat is a believer that you have to maintain your faith and a sense of humor to sustain the fight. Pat has an amazing support system, and many people are praying for her. Even Pat’s surgeon prayed with her before surgery. “I had such a sense of calm and confidence after that. It made all the difference,” says Pat.

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  2. Triumph

    With sadness, we announce that in June of 2015, after many years of successfully battling cancer, Patty Pedelty was called home to be with her Lord. A cancer survivor since 1992, Patty fought both breast and colon cancer. Being a nurse for 36 years had its pluses and minuses. Naturally, she was knowledgeable about cancer but then felt that “you can know too much.” Patty credited her family, friends, and her faith for helping her beat the odds through the years. “While you are on this earth, your friends and family are the most important things in life. But I also believe cancer strengthened my faith and led me to be very active in my church life.”

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