18” Drapery Tubes

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M&B 18” drapery tubes feature an all-purpose functionality that makes them an excellent choice for businesses looking to streamline their operations with efficient use of their space coupled with consistently presentable and elegant garments. Present your products in the best light with an 18” drapery tube that holds the shoulder and sleeve of garments in their correct place, ensuring an outstanding presentation to the customer.

The Perfect Fit

Our 18” drapery tubes incorporate a cutting-edge extra tall arm extension designed to support the shoulder and sleeve of garments. This is especially important for clothing items with unique or intricate designs on the shoulder or sleeve that require visibility and support throughout the rigors of the day.


Drapery tubes conform to your clothes and adapt to their length. This enables a custom fit that ensures the garment is presented to reflect the ideal image you project through every square inch of your business.

Unmatched Quality

M&B 18” drapery tubes recruit industry-standard, high-quality materials built to last. Their construction withstands the weight of heavy garments while resisting rust and corrosion. They can be used in retail stores, design studios, and beyond without the fear of them breaking down over time. With our hangers in your corner, your linens enjoy a quality that withstands the test of time.

Ease of Use

M&B drapery tubes are easy to apply, regardless of the hanger you pair them with. The design also promotes minimal adjustments, saving valuable time during the merchandising process and the hassles associated with readjusting throughout the day.

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