Worried about what bad hangers do to your garments? While hangers are useful tools for sorting and organizing clothing, bad hangers can cause misshaping and damage to garments. 

The Damage Poor-Quality Hangers Can Cause

Without proper hangers, no article of clothing is safe from these potential issues:

Rips and Tears

Poorly-constructed hangers can often have sharp protrusions that catch on clothing and damage them during transportation or removal. This makes it far more likely for holes to develop if garments aren’t carefully removed. Sometimes, these pointed ends are sharp enough to damage clothes just sitting on hangers.


When hangers get old, they begin to fall apart in more ways than creating sharp edges. Whatever material went into creating their outer layers degrades over time and finds its way onto clothing and stain it. Old hangers also bring rust, mold, and many other potential discoloring materials with them. 


Yet another negative effect of aging, poorly-made hangers is their deformation. Over time, hangers will bend under the weight of the clothes they hold up, in particular when carrying pants. When they bend, this causes pants to bunch up in the center of the hanger and wrinkle. These creases are very noticeable and a hassle to have to iron out.

M&B Hangers Will Help You Avoid These Common Pitfalls

M&B Hangers is the unbending service your business needs to keep its clothes safe from these damages. Here is how our hanger service stands out from store-bought brands:

  • Thorough Testing: Unlike most of the market, M&B Hangers spends a great deal of time in research and development for quality hangers. We have the highest standards in the industry for what we consider acceptable for sale to our customers. Where most say “good enough”, we go back to square one over and over until we make something durable, long-lasting, and high-quality enough to sell. 
  • History of Excellence: M&B Hangers has been providing industry-leading products since 1943. In our nearly 8 decades of experience, we have learned a great deal about what constitutes good hangers, service, and practices. In that time, we have proven our products to be worth every penny time and again. 
  • Quality Service: We have also learned a great deal about how best to approach our ongoing customer relationships. Customer retention is important to maintain so we work hard to provide our clients with the best service possible. This includes always-on-time deliveries without damaged or missing products, 24/7 customer support for any possible need, and competitive pricing. 

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