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Our ultimate suit hanger is the support your important garments need to look presentable and retain shape. If the goal is to keep suits as pressed, clean, and ready to use as possible for as long as possible, you’ve found the best tool right here. 


Ultimate Suit Hanger Specs:

  • Comes in a spacious 18” size that helps retain the shape of suits
  • Is made of high-quality materials that can hold the weight of larger and heavier clothing
  • Is built to last, made of high-quality materials that can keep up with fast-paced clothing operations longer than most other hangers
  • Is PPG-tested and painted using the modern electro-deposition process that protects against rusting and corrosion
  • Have smooth, enamel-coated texture to protect against wrinkling and snags that can damage the appearance and integrity of clothing

The M&B Ultimate Suit Hanger is everything you want and need to get the best results for your best garments. Our hangers are ideal for use at home, in clothing stores, dry-cleaning businesses, or in professional laundry service operations.

How Our Ultimate Suit Hanger Enhances in Your Business

Hangers are not as straightforward as they seem. Everything from their material and their construction to their design and size directly affect your garments. This is particularly crucial if you are looking at hangers for your business needs.

The Appearance of Clothes

The type and quality of the hangers you use directly impact the appearance of your clothes. If your hangers are too thin, too small, or too weak, you might end up with a whole host of issues with your clothing. The primary of these problems is wrinkling. Hangers that are too weak can sag at the sides and cause wrinkling at the lower edges of your clothing. Hangers that are too big can mess up the perfect creases of ironed clothes. The material and make of your hangers are also crucial.

Storage and Space Efficiency

Space is one of your most valuable resources. You don’t want to lose an inch of this prime commodity to bad hanger choices. The right hangers help you make the most out of your storage space while keeping your garments in their best and safest condition.


More than the cost of the hangers, they are essential in preventing unnecessary costs due to garment damage. Garment repairs and replacements are costly. Your hangers need to be strong enough to hold your garments but also gentle enough to prevent any snags or rips to your clothing.


The need for the right hangers increases the more expensive your garments are. This is particularly true with high-end garments like suits. Where do you find the right hangers for suits that meet all the aforementioned standards without breaking the bank? The answer: M&B Hangers.

M&B: Your Reliable Resource

M&B Hangers is one of the most established, most reputable names in commercial hanger production. Our all-American brand has been helping hold up garments across the country for more than 80 years now. 

Get Your Ultimate Suit Hangers Today!

Interested in a hanger upgrade? Get in touch with M&B Hangers today at 1(800) 227-0436 to get connected with a distributor near you.

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