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5/16″ Wire Stand
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The M&B Hanger Rax is a rack that manages used hangers with a rigid, broad surface that provides a convenient and organized storage solution for businesses that rely on hangers as part of their operation.

Unwavering Strength

Hanger Rax stands head and shoulders above competing hanger racks due to its unparalleled durability. Made from cutting-edge industrial-grade materials, the Hanger Rax withstands the weight of your hangers without bending, breaking, or compromising its confident posture throughout the rigors of the day. This makes it suitable for use in even the busiest and most demanding environments, such as hotels, laundries, and dry cleaning facilities.

Beauty in Simplicity

The Hanger Rax is built with ease of use in mind, featuring a simple, straightforward design that allows users to add and remove hangers. It holds large quantities of hangers at once, making it an efficient and space-saving storage solution. In addition to its practicality, it’s also attractive and stylish. It has a sleek and modern appearance that can blend in with varying decor styles and settings. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses that understand the value of bringing the best in aesthetics and functionality.


Hanger Rax ensures your hangers are organized and accessible with the professional image that only M&B provides. This saves time and effort for employees. Our products help empower them to perform at their best since they won’t have to waste time aimlessly searching for supplies, derailing a smooth flow of operations. The Hanger Rax is a cost-effective storage due to its ability to prevent hangers from becoming lost or misplaced.


The M&B Hanger Rax sports the same versatility that is consistent across our entire product catalog. Its all-purpose design adapts to any setting, from hotels and laundries to retail stores and warehouses. It stores hangers of different sizes and styles, giving it the versatility that streamlines your business and eases your burdens.

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