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5/16″ Wire Stand
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M&B Hangers specializes in producing a wide range of hangers and other related products for the retail and garment industries. One of our most popular and versatile products is our high-quality bag stands which are a must-have for any home or establishment. Regardless of industry, our premier bag stands will adapt and elevate your service in a subtle but effective way. 

Define Expectations

Each bag stand is an essential piece of equipment for any establishment looking to enhance a comprehensively stellar service. M&B bag stands ensure organization and a professional aesthetic that honors the ideal image you strive to project in every corner of your business.  Where our competitors see excuses to settle for mediocrity, we see opportunities to raise the bar in high-quality bag stands. 

Standing Firm

These stands feature a sturdy base. They can be placed anywhere and give employees peace of mind knowing that no matter the demands, the industrial-grade construction upholds a significant amount of linens without tipping or losing its footing.

Ease of Use

These stands accommodate uniquely sized bags and ensure they are displayed in the most attractive and effective way possible. Our collapsible, easy-to-store wire stand relieves the headaches associated with setup and storage and replaces it with an ease of use second to none. They are black and powder coated, providing a subtle but elegant look atypical of our competitors.

Commitment to Care

M&B Hangers takes pride in producing high-quality bag stands built to last. They sport durable materials that endure the wear and tear of everyday use in a busy environment with unwaveringly consistent results.

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Our wide selection of stands and commitment to quality makes us the number one provider of world-class bag stands. Contact us at 1-800-227-0436, or email us to learn more about our products and services.

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