We at M&B Hangers are grateful for the support from our customers, colleagues, and friends as they generously contributed to our Pink Hangers campaign. With the purchase of each Pink Hanger, M&B Hangers makes a donation to the American Cancer Society.

This year, M&B presented a check to the American Cancer society for $7,899.75, which represented the proceeds from the campaign. We were also touched by the generosity of one of our valued customers, FabriClean Supply/Phenix Supply, who ran their own promotion to coincide with our Pink Hanger campaign. With their dedication to the cause, FabriClean/Phenix Supply contributed an additional $1,060 toward the fight against cancer. Our goal to inspire hope, perseverance, triumph, and courage extends beyond our workplace—it is a part of who we are, and we are thankful for our partners in this endeavor.

For more information on our Pink Hangers and to read stories of women who have triumphed over breast cancer, please click here.