When given the diagnosis of cancer, patients often seek hope, even in spite of all the uncertainty that awaits. They set their eyes on hope for a future that is prosperous and full. They hope for a journey that is smooth and supportive as they work through the fight of their lives. They hold on to hope for a cure and for healing. While many cancer patients are fortunate to have a major cancer treatment center within minutes of their homes, there are many for whom the physical travel to a major medical center is simply impossible, both logistically and financially. Some patients even forgo treatment they desperately need when their expenses are too great or the distance too far. Could they even afford to make the trip, they ask, “where would we stay?”

But the American Cancer Society is committed to not only seeking advances in cancer treatment, but also to providing help and support to cancer patients. For those patients who must travel far for treatment, that support comes by way of the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge.

Each of the 31 Hope Lodge facilities around the United States offers cancer patients and their caregivers a free home away from home during treatment—whether they require housing for one week, one month, or even one year. At the Hope Lodge, patients are free from worry over the cost of travel, the expenses of lodging, and the logistics of getting to their treatments. They’re free to focus on their fight against cancer.

Here in Birmingham, the Joe Lee Griffin Hope Lodge is warm and homey, with 33 comfortable, private rooms. It is built to simplify life for those who have had theirs upended by cancer. In the Hope Lodge visitors will find a community kitchen for cooking and gathering, and much like at home, patients residing at the Hope Lodge get a sense of normalcy as they stand around the island to prepare meals, wash and put away the dishes, and enjoy the company of others as they break bread. Many evenings, groups from throughout the community come to cook meals for those staying at the Hope Lodge, providing fellowship for those who are far from home. With several common spaces, the Hope Lodge promotes a special community, as guests share their stories with others who, though they may come from different walks of life, have a common goal and a common hope.

The facilities at the Hope Lodge are all made possible by donations to the American Cancer Society as well as by special donations through Project 33, a program through which local businesses sponsor a room at a Hope Lodge facility, helping to cover the cost of lodging so patients undergoing treatment don’t have to.

The Hope Lodge is a retreat from the hospital, and at no charge to the patient, it is a respite from the costs of treatments and hospital visits. When all in life seems uncertain, the Hope Lodge provides consistency, comfort, and most of all, hope for those setting their focus on the fight against cancer.


M&B Hangers is proud to support the American Cancer Society, Project 33, and the Hope Lodge. The M&B team is committed to providing encouragement for those in the fight against cancer, whether that be through the gift of inspiring Pink Hangers, notes of encouragement, or the sponsorship of a room at the Hope Lodge in Birmingham, Alabama.