Hanger Supply Service in Maryland

Setting the standard in hanger supply, M&B Hangers dominates the Maryland market, offering high-quality hangers tailored to meet the diverse requirements of businesses. With a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, we bring you customized solutions at competitive prices, providing unmatched value.

We feature a wide range of hangers suitable for various sectors. Our efficient and prompt delivery service, coupled with our meticulous attention to detail, highlights our commitment to excellence. As pioneers in this field, we set the benchmark in Maryland with our reliable products offering clear advantages. Below is an overview of how M&B Hangers excels as the go-to hanger supply service in Maryland:

Industrial Hangers

Engineered by M&B, our industrial hangers are robust enough to carry your heaviest linens and bulky items. Ideal for factories, warehouses, and similar settings, they simplify sorting, storing, and transporting. These hangers use materials that resist corrosion, ensuring long-lasting durability even in extreme conditions.

Ultimate Line Hangers

The Ultimate Line Hangers by M&B are designed to keep your delicate linens from stretching. Their innovative design evenly distributes weight, minimizing stress points, which helps maintain your items in perfect condition.

Shirt Hangers

We have a comprehensive range of premium shirt hangers that meet the unique needs of businesses. These hangers keep your shirts organized and free from wrinkles, featuring shoulder notches to secure collars and sleeves.

Caped Hangers

Our M&B caped hangers come with a curved structure that resembles a cape, and a bar connecting both ends. This design is ideal for maintaining the shape of coats and jackets, while adding a distinct visual appeal to your storage options.

Pink Hangers

A decade ago, M&B Hangers took a stand against cancer by launching an elegant line of pink hangers. This initiative reflects our enduring commitment to supporting the search for a cure for this devastating illness.

Strut Hangers

Our strut hangers boast versatile adaptability. Their streamlined designs help maintain the shape of delicate clothes, irrespective of their weight or size.

Specialty Hangers

For more particular needs, we offer a vast selection of specialty hangers, such as drapery and suit hangers, that empower your facility with the essential tools for a hectic year.

Miscellaneous Items

Beyond being a hanger supply service in Maryland, M&B Hangers also provides various accessories aimed at boosting your operational efficiency. Whether you need drapery tubes, hanger racks, bag stands, E-ZEE-ON shoulder guards, or trouser guards, we’ve got you covered.

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Each product we offer stands as a tribute to our dedication to enhancing your facility’s standards. Crafted to push boundaries, our products position you at the forefront of your industry. To learn more about our diverse offerings, call us at 1-800-227-0436 or send us an email.